August 29, 2017

Eight People Were Injured By a Hit And Run Driver in Los Angeles

Car accidents are not a rare thing these days. After all, due to the large number of vehicles on the streets of major cities, it is no wonder that accidents happen on a daily basis. Some of those accidents really stand out from the crowd.

Last Sunday, the authorities of Los Angeles confirmed that there was a major accident, when a hit and run driver slammed into an entire crowd of diners on a sidewalk. According to the official reports, at least 8 people were injured.

The accident was caused by a hit and run driver, who slammed into one of the parked vehicles. The vehicle moved ahead all the way and was stopped by a fence. However, by that time, at least several people were underneath the vehicle, according to some witnesses.

Another witness also claims that the driver who caused provoked the accident briefly stepped out of the car for several moments. He then jumped back inside, though people around were forcing him to remain outside, until the law enforcement authorities arrived. Allegedly, the driver was disoriented.

One of the victims, a 44-year-old man, was taken to hospital in a critical condition, and several other victims were also taken to the hospital.

Needless to say, traffic violations are very common these days. Modern society relies on cars – they are a genuinely invaluable part of our transport infrastructure. Hence, it is very important, crucial even, to make sure that you know what to do when a traffic violation has occurred and how to protect yourself from all sorts of different legal consequences.

Traffic violations come in a huge number of different forms. The law enforcement authorities use that term very often and are punishing drivers to prevent similar accidents from taking place in the future. There are two major types of traffic violations that are most commonly taking place on city roads:

  • Moving violations. This is when the violation was committed by a vehicle in motion that can basically be attributed to a DUI (Driving Under the Influence), running a stop sign or a red light, as well as failing to yield.
  • Faulty car equipment or parking violations are largely attributed to all sorts of non-moving violations as well as unreliable car equipment. Parking near fire hydrants, in a space that is clearly marked as a non-parking area, as well as broken side-ways mirrors or tail lights are some of the examples of non-moving violations.

Most traffic violations are labeled as minor and are therefore not resulting in expensive fines or incarceration. Instead, you are going to be obligated to pay administrative fees, but you won’t go to trial. However, there is an exception concerning speeding tickets. If you have received too many of those, you may well be required to pay a huge fine or even go to trial by jury.

Of course, most traffic tickets are deemed as strict-liability crimes. This basically implies that whether or not the person had any criminal intentions or maybe did not want to commit the offense to begin with, he or she is still going to be convicted for the crime. There is only one piece of evidence that is needed in such a case – the fact that the crime took place and was committed by that person to begin with. The best examples of such crimes are speeding, failure to yield to other traffic and failure to use turn signals.

There are also serious traffic violations and these may be considered felonies or misdemeanors depending on the circumstances,. Reckless driving is one of the best examples of this. Reckless driving may imply that a person was willfully or intentionally driving in such a manner that he or she was disregarding the safety of other drivers and pedestrians. In that case, the driver will face some serious legal consequences. We are talking about time in county jail, suspension of their driver’s license and a criminal record.

In that case, the prosecution will need to prove that you were driving recklessly intentionally and willfully. And speed alone will not be enough in that case. There will need to be proof that you were actually driving in an aggressive manner and committing dangerous actions — weaving in and out of the traffic, and so on.

Moreover, driving without insurance is a dangerous crime as well. There is a chance that you could lose your license and will face hefty fines and a criminal records. Now, of course, there is a way to dismiss the ticket if you can prove you were actually driving with your insurance. You will need to do so within a set amount of time.

There are a number of additional traffic violations and even though these are pretty common these days, it does not necessarily imply that you can avoid involvement. After all, if you are driving carefully and in a responsible manner, there is a huge chance that you will never have to deal with the repercussions of traffic violations to begin with.

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August 10, 2017

Bill Cosby’s Sexual Assault Case Finally Goes to Trial

In the past, whenever people heard Bill Cosby’s name, they would laugh and smile – the guy really was a great comedian and people still remember some of his most successful roles in numerous TV shows and motion pictures.

However, those times are long gone as, throughout the years, Cosby has managed to become known as a sexual predator – a rapist, who sexually assaulted dozens of women throughout the course of his life. Over decades, numerous women have come out to accuse Cosby of raping them. However, things got all the more serious back in 2014 when Hannibal Buress, a standup comedian, decided to call Cosby explicitly during one of the shows. The show naturally went viral. Even more women were then prepared to call Cosby out and accuse him of raping them. Some of the cases even dated back to the 70s and 80s and cannot be prosecuted because they are beyond the Statute of Limitations.

However, the case kicked off just last month. This is about a crime that allegedly took place back in 2004. The Statute of Limitations is still in order and there is time to proceed with the case. One of Cosby’s alleged victims initially went to the police and claimed that Cosby forced her into sexual intercourse right after giving her pills and some wine. Cosby, on the other hand, said the pills were meant to help the woman with stress and that everything they did was absolutely consensual. Back then, the case was settled in Civil Court. However, during his testimony, Cosby mentioned that he always gave pills to the women he wanted to sleep with. These records eventually went public and caused many more women to come out with allegations and accusing Cosby of drugging them. If Cosby is found guilty, he risks spending the rest of his life in prison. Sexual assault crime cases cannot and must not be taken lightly, since they come with some serious legal consequences.

If you or your loved ones were charged with sexual assault, you must not take the matter lightly either, even if you are 100% certain that you have done nothing wrong! After all, the penalties and consequences may be quite severe. You risk losing your job, ruining your reputation, being labeled a sexual predator, and even going to prison for many years, which is probably the last thing you want.

To make sure that you are doing everything necessary ensure that you are not wrongfully accused and will not go to prison, it is crucial to make sure that you hire a qualified, genuinely experienced legal representative that will not let you down. Only a professional lawyer has the skills and the expertise that are necessary to help you out of such a difficult and challenging situation.

Also, make sure that you stay away from the accuser. Even if you have certain child custody responsibilities or maybe you are working with the accuser in the same office, make sure that whenever you are near the accuser, a third party is there as a witness. And, do not contact the accuser over the phone – all correspondence should be presented in written form only and not via social networks. That way, you will be 100% certain that there is no way the accuser will have anything else on you to use in court.

Of course, being wrongfully accused of sexual assault is frustrating. However, no matter how sad or angry you may be, do not allow those emotions to best you. After all, if you say or do something rash and irrational, you will be the only one to suffer the consequences. Try and keep calm and let the professionals handle the matter for you.

There is one important thing that you will need to take into consideration and that is, of course, assessing the motives. Why did the person falsely accuse you of such a terrible crime? Perhaps it is a jealous ex who wants revenge or maybe there were alcohol and drugs involved in the process and the person cannot recollect if it was consensual to begin with.

In the end, you will need to provide your lawyer with all the information you can remember to help him or her build a clearer picture so they can make an informed decision in line with all of the gathered information.

Odds are, you will be looking for the best legal expert out there to help you out in such a dire situation and you will need to find the best criminal attorney possible.

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July 17, 2017

CEO in Los Angeles is Charged With Asking an Alleged Drug Trafficker To Kill One of His Former Business Associates

Love it or hate it, despite its controversial reputation, Homeland Security does know how to do its job and is often unable to prevent terrible crimes from occurring.

Homeland Security agents in New Orleans were listening to the phone calls of an alleged drug dealer from Los Angeles last year. During one of the conversations, the investigators heard something that caught their attention.

First of all, it is necessary to state that the suspect was allegedly dealing methamphetamine and this was the main subject of the investigation. However, during the above-mentioned conversation, he told the person on the phone that he was actually asked to make a “hit”, meaning that he was supposed to kill a person for money.

Needless to say, this triggered a reaction from the investigators, so they began digging deeper and their search led them through New Orleans towards Los Angeles and San Diego. The investigation was a very through one and the Homeland Security agents even went as far as to stage a bloody murder scene with the help of the potential victim.

As a result, in April, David Philips – a CEO of one of the large medical marketing companies – was arrested. He was charged with plotting the death of one of his former business associates.

As it turns out, Philips, who is 36 years old and living in Culver City, got in touch with the drug dealer and told him he would forgive his debt on one condition. As it was a pretty serious debt – $30, 000 – the drug dealer was more than willing to listen. Philips wanted him to murder his former business associate. The name of the drug dealer, who is not cooperating with the investigators, as well as the name of the possible victim are still being withheld for the purpose of the criminal investigation.

Philips was arrested on Sepulveda Boulevard on April 25th. It was then that the drug dealer met Philips and showed him staged photos of the victim. The victim on those staged photos was covered in blood and seriously battered. The drug dealer came straight to the Philips’ office – he was running the NKP Medical Marketing firm. Since that day, Philips was taken to New Orleans and is now waiting for the trial. Philips, on the other hand, decided to plead not guilty.

Initially, the entire investigation was centered on the meth dealer. However, once the investigators from New Orleans heard about a potential hit, they were forced to intervene. Subsequently, an undercover agent got in touch with the alleged meth dealer, posing as a dealer himself. He then offered to connect him to a contract killer. In return, the meth dealer was supposed to sell his meth for a discounted price. Consequently, the two met again April. This time, the meth dealer did not come empty-handed. He had photos of the potential victim, his home address, as well as his phone number, and he presented all of that information to the undercover investigator. The meth dealer was then arrested only a few days later with enough evidence to implicate him. He agreed to cooperate and told the investigators about Philips. He said that he took $30,000 from Philips so as to start a kind of marijuana venture. Unfortunately for him, he failed and could not return the money. Nevertheless, Philips was willing to forgive that debt if the meth dealer would kill a person for him. The would-be victim was actually one of Philips’ previous partners and they ran their business together up until 2014-15. This is when they began to clash and could not settle their differences.

The potential victim was claiming that Philips himself was pretty harsh and often threatened to ‘take care’ of people that he did not like. He also remarked about having friends with automatic weapons. One way or the other, the two had no interaction since September 2016. This is also when the meth dealer was caught for mentioning a hit in one of his phone conversations.

Philips was arrested in his office when the meth dealer arranged a meeting with him and handed him a staged photo. The would-be victim in the photo was covered in bruises and had a gunshot wound to his forehead. There was blood all over the wall behind him. When Philips took the picture, his hands were shaking and he was generally nervous.

There were also several other defendants that were arrested for being involved in the meth distribution plot as well as the possible hit that was supposed to be arranged by the meth dealer.

On the other hand, Philips’ lawyer claims that his client is not guilty and did nothing wrong. He is claiming that the would-be victim is just a former coworker of the client and that he was not all that important to Philips to begin with. Furthermore, the employees at the Philips’ office refused to allow the journalists to enter the premises and claimed that Philips was framed and that the government plotted  against him. However, they did not want to share any additional details on the matter.

The investigation is currently checking all the details and we are going to have more answers soon enough. For now, it appears that Philips hired a meth dealer, who owed him money to kill his former business partner, since they had their differences in the past. All the evidence is pointing out that Philips is guilty, but we are going to let the court decide what really occurred. Hence, if you wish more details, go ahead and wait a bit for a new article for more information on the case.

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June 2, 2017

Man Arrested For Hiding Small Cameras in a Restaurant’s Ladies’ Bathroom – Suspected of Child Porn Manufacturing

The owner of a small Italian restaurant in Sherman Oaks – Bahram Javaherian (65), was recently arrested under the suspicion of child porn. The law enforcement authorities received a tip from an anonymous employee of the restaurant, who discovered that a small camera was attached under the sink in the women’s bathroom. The police confiscated the camera and managed to find hundreds of pictures on the digital device. We are talking about women and their children – girls, who are only 3-4 years old. In addition, law enforcement officers also managed to uncover the pictures of Javaherian attaching the camera under the sink.

The nearby Japanese restaurant owners and employees are shocked and even scared about what was going on across the street. They are stating that Javaherian often came to their restaurant to eat and seemed quite polite and generally nice. Goes to show that a clever disguise may easily fool just about anyone.

It is now obvious that Javaherian was manufacturing child porn in such a perverted way. But, he was recently released on bail (set at $20,000), and the police are urging anyone who has any additional information on the matter to come forward.

Unfortunately, this is not the first and probably not the last time modern technologies are used to commit such disgusting crimes. In fact, the camera was not that easy to spot – it was the size of a regular lighter.

Regrettably, law enforcement officers are encountering cases of child porn manufacturing and distribution all too often. This is because criminals are learning how to use modern technologies to their advantage. There is a rumor that the internet has a dark side to it, one that is sheltering all sorts of criminal activities – we are talking about people who enjoy watching snuff videos, where other people are suffering, child molesters, who are buying child porn and maniacs who are stalking their next victims. Unfortunately, these rumors are true and people often use the internet to distribute drugs, weapons and child pornography.

Of course, police officers are doing everything in their power to stop those criminals and their activities. Nevertheless, the offenders are much too careful and are constantly using encrypted browsers and reliable channels only.

It is imperative for any victims who were victimized by Javaherian to come forward and testify, since those testimonials will help the investigation and will help put the pervert in jail where he belongs.

Child pornography is a serious offense and one that is deemed as a felony, so it does imply time in state prison in certain cases in addition to fines, community services and registration as a sex offender. Law enforcement authorities will do everything they can to make sure that Javaherian is convicted for his illegal activities and that the victims at least know he is not walking the streets of the city.

Such cases are becoming more frequent and the tendency is quite disturbing overall, but that doesn’t mean we can’t fight it!

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May 10, 2017

Mother Abducts Her Son from Elementary School And Ends Up Being Chased By The Police

West Burnett, a 6-year-old boy, was recently abducted from elementary school by his troubled mother – Nisha Burnett Thayer. Thankfully, the situation was handled properly and no one got hurt. The mother, who did not have legal custody over her son, was finally apprehended by law enforcement authorities. They were looking for the boy for about 12 hours. Shortly after, young West was released to his father and his legal guardian – his aunt. West was smiling and was quite happy to return to his dad and his aunt, though he admitted that the whole situation actually scared him a bit.

The whole situation started when West was dropped off at school by his father’s cousin, who walked the child straight into his classroom. Little did he know, Nisha had followed them to school without being noticed. She chose the perfect time, when parents were dropping their children off and she would attract as little attention as possible. But, she then acted frantically and simply walked into the classroom, took the boy and went away. Although the personnel allegedly tried to stop her, she would not listen and told the boy to get in the car and drove away.

Finally, when the law enforcement authorities were notified, they put an Amber Alert on and started an intense search, which eventually allowed them to find Nisha with the boy. Initially, the car was pulled over by the police, but after a short dialogue, Nisha decided to flee the scene so the police was forced to pursuit her. The chase was relatively brief, so very soon Nisha was apprehended.

Thankfully, right after the child was abducted, the police managed to identify the woman as the mother, who had a restraining order due because she posed a threat to the child. The father, William Burnett, also mentioned that his ex-wife was quite a disturbed person. She was homeless, known for living in her car, had a history of drug abuse and a certain mental illness. Clearly, the father and the aunt were very worried about the little West and once the Amber Alert was put into action, they went live to plead with Nisha to give the child back to them because she was not well and could harm the child.

Even though the police acted effectively in this case and managed to get things under control within a relatively short period of time, such cases are happening all too often all over the country. Parents, who do not have parental custody over their children, are somehow managing to find new ways to abduct them, which is a pretty disturbing tendency. Especially if the parent had problems with the law before, was taking drugs or suffered from certain mental illnesses and disorders.

So, is there a way to regulate such behavior and make sure this doesn’t happen in the future? Well, unfortunately, law enforcement officers do not have the right to follow people 24/7, nor do they have the resources, so it really makes it quite challenging to handle the matter effectively. In fact, it is up to the parents themselves to be aware of the possible consequences of such behavior. And, we are not just talking about being chased by the police – just think about how scared the child may be? West’s aunt also mentioned that during his first night home after the chase, he was scared to fall asleep and told them that he could hear his mom in the room. This really is one traumatizing experience and one that no child should go through.

So, before doing anything as dangerous or troubling, it is important to think about how it will affect the child and how difficult it will be for him or her to handle the experience. The police cannot help, though we will do our best.

Dmitry Gorin, ESQ
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April 23, 2017

Man With Disabilities And His Latina Caretaker Are Victims Of Yet Another Hate Crime

Despite the fact that the United States government is constantly preaching about equality and how genuinely “free” and “democratic” the nation really is, more and more often we get the chance to actually witness how “tolerant” and genuinely welcoming some people are when it comes to others who are different in appearance, nationality, race or even medical condition.

With that said, a relatively recent example of such a hate crime clearly demonstrates that the country really has a pretty long way to go until it does live up to the standards that it aspires to. Not that long ago, a Latina caretaker was walking outside with a 25-year-old man, who had suffered from a serious stroke when he was only a few weeks old. Subsequently, the poor guy was unable to talk and had plenty of health related problems. The woman was taking care of him for quite a whil. As they were peacefully walking around the neighborhood, a group of aggressive teenagers – about five boys – started to throw rocks at them. Those rocks were pretty heavy and the caretaker decided to shield him with her own body. She was screaming, and both her and the boy were scared and could not do anything about it. Thankfully, though, all the noises attracted the attention of the neighbors, so the teenagers were distracted and quickly retreated as soon as people started to come out of their houses, wondering what all the fuss was about.

The mother of the person with disabilities is claiming that the teenagers were screaming that they wanted to kill a Mexican and referred to her son as “another very ugly word for people with developmental disabilities which begins with a ‘R.’”

Sheriff's Department Is Handling More Hate Crime Cases Every Year

Now, in line with those claims, the sheriff’s department is conducting an investigation to try to find the teenagers who committed this attack. Furthermore, it also turns out that the mother of the person with disabilities also started a special center that is meant to help people with disabilities integrate into society when they reach 22 years and after they graduate school. Hence, it makes the crime even more damaging.

It is also important to keep in mind that there are plenty of reasons why some of Americans are hating on immigrants. With everything that is going on in the world and in the States in particular, some of the things happening are just horrible. Nevertheless, one must not mix politics into this particular case. The teenagers were obviously aggressive and hostile, so who knows how it all could have actually ended if not for the neighbors.

Hate crimes are horrifying and innocent people get hurt – people, who, just like the above-mentioned Latina, are taking care of others, who are in need of assistance and people, who, like the above-mentioned 25 year old, are different from others.

It all puts the integrity of the American society under a big question. Who is going to control all that rage and is it possible to stop those hate crimes from occurring so often to begin with? After all, who knows how it will all end the next time some of the kids want to focus their aggression on someone else.

It is very important to make sure that the government does place a very obvious line between all those illegal immigrants selling drugs, soliciting people into prostitution, selling weapons, stealing things from others, raping women and so on. There are people of all nations and races that are scum of the earth, but it does not necessarily make the whole nation that way, so the scope of the government is to establish that there is a way to live in peace with each other and that people who are different have the same rights, so there should be no room for discrimination – that much is 100% certain.

Dmitry Gorin, ESQ
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April 2, 2017

Yet Another Bizarre Law Turns Every Parent Changing His Or Her Child’s Diaper Into A Child Molester

It’s absolutely no secret that some of states do have some genuinely weird laws, but some are more of a comedic nature and do not involve any viable threats. Nevertheless, the law makers in Arizona managed to break every rule in the book and decided that it is actually wise to issue such a weird and ridiculous law.

Just think about it – the new legislation states that any kind of contact between adults and a minor’s genitals is illegal and therefore that adult will be deemed as a child molester. Surely you can see just how crazy the law appears to be. For those of you who cannot believe it and are not entirely sure if they got it right – yes, that actually means that if you are changing your child’s diapers, washing him or her in the shower or even helping him or her wipe up after a trip to the bathroom, you are automatically placed under the category of child molesters – simple as that.

Now, it’s apparent that the law makers had the best of intentions in mind – they wanted to introduce new and harsher penalties for actual child molesters, but let’s face it, these guys simply don’t know how it all works. Parents are  shocked with this decision and are demanding answers from the law makers and naturally want them to rewrite the law to eliminate such a bizarre notion. The funny thing here is that instead of actually doing the right thing and rewriting the law to begin with, the law makers have decided to back it up. They are claiming that the prosecutors will have the right to dismiss the charges if they see that the charges were the result of a normal parent’s actions. That basically implies that the state is giving the prosecutors an opportunity to decide whether or not a person is guilty. While some may say that it is a good thing, it is obvious that the prosecutors have way too much power in this situation.

Or maybe the law makers have no idea how plea bargaining actually works these days. After all, prosecutors often pressure the defendants into striking a deal claiming they should agree to it and that they will receive the minimal sentence unrelated to the main charges. Subsequently, if, let us say, a parent is charged with molesting a child just because they were changing a diaper, the prosecutors may well offer a plea bargain and the poor parent will take it just to avoid child molestation charges. We all know that the government has never had any issues pressuring and threatening people it does not like. If the prosecutor singles you out or perhaps your views are not all that welcome in your state, there is a real chance you will be charged and convicted for basically nothing. Well, so much for the human rights these guys talk about on just about every corner.

Dmitry Gorin, ESQ
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March 31, 2017

Former House Speaker For Illinois Accused Of Child Molestation Is Finally Arrested

Dennis Hastert, a former House Speaker, was accused of sexually abusing four underage boys while working as a high school coach many years ago. Nevertheless, the statute of limitations has expired, so he cannot face charges for those crimes. Nevertheless, the Republican from Illinois was arrested and charged with lying to the FBI regarding covering up his sex crimes.

And recently, this crime has proven to be the one that will place Hastert in jail. He was sentenced to 15 months in prison for illegal cash withdrawals that he made for the payoffs to cover up the sex abuse allegations after the judge named him a “serial child molester.”

Prior to actually issuing the given sentence, the judge Thomas M. Durkin, asked the former House Speaker about the peculiarities of the crime and whether he was sexually abusing his victims. For the very first time, Hastert decided to publically admit his misconduct. He also added that he was wrong and that he regrets his actions. He stated that those boys looked up to him and he took advantage of the situation.

In yet another horrifying detail, one of the victims, Scott Cross, also testified that Hastert molested him when he was a teenager. Cross is actually the younger brother of the former Illinois House Republican leader Tom Cross and he looked up to Hastert as a politically superior mentor.

Despite the fact that Hastert molested his younger brother, he had the nerve to ask Tom Cross for a letter of support as a part of his criminal case.

During the recent proceedings, when referring to the political career of Hastert, the judge stated that the actions could destroy a lifetime of good work. The judge also referred to the defendant as a “serial child molester” thrice.

It is also worth mentioning that in his wild letter to the judge, the former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay (R-Texas) actually stated that all people have their flaws, and while Dennis Hastert has flaws, he does not deserve what is happening to him. Obviously, the letter was not very persuasive.

Needless to say, the human element is pretty strong in this gut-wrenching story as is the anguish felt by the victims of Hastert’s actions and their families. Furthermore, do not forget about the political implications: the longest serving Republican House Speaker in American history, a person who was all too close to becoming president of USA for eight years, spent part of his life as an actual child molester, which was secret to everyone but Hastert himself and his victims.

Well, it turns out that from 1998 to 2006, the House Republicans were suffering one dirty scandal right after the other. The Democrats were using the “culture of corruption” label to great effect because it was true – from Gingrich to Livingston, DeLay to Cunningham, Ney to Foley, the GOP’s House majority simply could not stay away from problems.

Regardless of how many scandals hit the House Republicans, the GOP officials continued to refer to the humble Illinois Speaker as their honorable leader who was elevated to the post from relative obscurity due to his impeccable reputation. And now it turns out that what he was doing was far worse than any of his colleagues.

Hastert will have to spend 15 months in prison, will have to pay $250,000 in fines and will take a place on the sex offender program.

Dmitry Gorin, ESQ
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March 31, 2017

Generosity Is Punished With Violence – A Group Of People Beat A Man With His Own Cane Because He Offered To Pay For Their Meal

There are too many people with bad intentions who are not afraid to use physical force to get what they want. Sadly, the official statistics clearly demonstrate that the number of crimes is rising all the time: more and more people get hurt due to criminal actions and so on.

While some people’s motives are pretty clear, other criminals are demonstrating bizarre and wild behavior. For instance, 37-year-old Joseph Molohon learned that being generous is not always a good thing, especially if you are in a company of degenerates who do not think like human beings and who enjoy hurting people and stealing from them.

Molohon was eating at Texas Chicken and Burgers in Brooklyn and minding his own business. A group of people could not pay for their meals, since they were short on cash. Well, Molohon, being a polite and genuinely generous person, offered to pay for their meals in full. What followed was completely unexpected. The group started an argument and then things quickly escalated and violence erupted. The entire group was hitting Molohon with arms and legs and even took his own cane to use it against him. Finally, when Molohon was already lying on the ground and the group left the building, another person appeared and stole everything that Molohon had in his pockets.

Well, the police managed to apprehend one 21-year-old suspects. Another four are still at large but the law enforcement representatives are promising to handle the matter properly.

So this case really goes to show that being generous is not always a good thing and could really get you in trouble. Of course, we still do not know all the details of the case, but it is 100% clear that the group of offenders was not messing around – Molohon was hospitalized with numerous lacerations and fractures. Such violent behavior must never be tolerated in the civilized society we claim to be.

It is apparent that in most cases, even if you are a kind person who really wishes to help others, you should mind your own business and ignore what is going on around you. But will we lose our humanity that way? Perhaps, since we will be forced to take into consideration cases like the above-mentioned one. Every instinct says that it is the wrong thing to do and you will probably agree with that, yet you will likely not intervene the next time some guys are broke and have no money to pay for their food.

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March 23, 2017

Casey Anthony Was Actually Paying The Attorney With Sex According To The Private Detective

It is alleged in the recently filed court documents in Casey Anthony’s case that she ran naked through her lawyer Jose Baez’s office back in 2008. Furthermore, according to the same papers, she also owed him three oral sex sessions.

These claims and more are included in an affidavit that was filed by Dominic Casey. He was working as a private detective for Anthony’s defense team.

Dominic Casey wrote that “Baez had scheduled a television interview that night. She did not want to interview and asked Baez to call and cancel. He called the network, saying they would have to take a raincheck, hung up the phone and said to Casey: ‘You now owe me three blow jobs.’”

Later on, Dominic Casey declared that “misconduct between Casey and Jose Baez had escalated. I arrived at Baez’s office unexpectedly one day and once again, witnessed a naked Casey. This time she ran from his private office through the conference room to the hallway.”

“Casey told me she had to do what Jose said because she had no money for her defense. I reminded her that Baez had more than enough money from the network he sold the photographs to so as to pay for her defense. Casey apologized and assured me it would not happen again.”

Nevertheless, Baez himself is actually still working and operating his law offices in Miami and Orlando. He denied any and all of Dominic Casey’s claims that were all filed in court: “I unequivocally and categorically deny exchanging sex for my legal services with Ms. Anthony. I further unequivocally and categorically deny having any sexual relationship with Ms. Anthony whatsoever. I have always conducted my practice consistent with the high ethical standards required of members of the Florida Bar. My representation of Ms. Anthony was no exception.”

In addition, it was also confirmed that the Florida Bar did not receive any complaints and is therefore not conducting any investigations on the matter.

Back in 2008, Dominica Casey decided to terminate his work with the Baez Law Firm. Nevertheless, he had to be involved later on, in 2011, when Casey Anthony, who was then 25, was trialed for murdering her two-year-old daughter, Caylee Marie Anthony. However, Casey Anthony was eventually found not guilty. Furthermore, the jury found her not guilty of aggravated manslaughter of a child or aggravated child abuse. But they did find her guilty of lying to law enforcement agents.

In his affidavit, Dominic Casey claims that both Baez and Casey “knowingly and purposefully made false statements about me and portrayed me as being involved in a conspiracy with George and Cindy Anthony and Roy Kronk to conceal Caylee Marie Anthony’s body.”

This very affidavit makes an appearance in a federal bankruptcy case that involves Roy Kronk and Casey Anthony. Roy is the man who found the remains of Caylee. Kronk is suing Anthony for defamation and is claiming that she accused him of kidnapping Caylee.

Along with his numerous claims that he made in the filing, Dominic Casey also claimed that a serious drug trafficker and money launderer for  “El Chapo,” the Mexican drug lord and head of the Sinaloa Cartel, was offering a reward of $200,000 for defending Casey Anthony plus the $500,000 required to pay for the second bail bond in Casey Anthony’s case.

Finally, Dominic Casey also claims he had evidence of the fact that Caylee Anthony accidentally drowned in the Anthony family’s backyard pool, so Casey panicked and consequently dumped the child’s body. Even though a version of this story appeared in court as a defense theory for Casey Anthony, it was never entirely developed during the trial.

Baez claims that the former investigator is making serious and outrageous claims to the media and the court.

Dmitry Gorin, ESQ