December 16, 2015

Find Out About Definition And Consequences of Assault Charges

Despite the fact that our society is considered civilized, the crime rates remain to be quite depressing, to say the least. Although the law enforcement authorities do their very best to deal with all the arising issues, the criminal activities continue to plague the entire nation. Of course, we all make mistakes – it is within our nature and we cannot control it. Nevertheless, it is very important, crucial even, to make sure that other people do not suffer because of our mistakes. With that said, one cannot hurt another person – it is against the law and if an individual had the intention and the abilities to hurt another person and attempted to do so, he or she is going to be charges with the crime of assault.

Assault (PENAL CODE SECTION 240-248) is a serious crime in Los Angeles that can lead to some genuinely serious consequences. Of course, the final sentence is going to depend on a huge variety of factors. For instances, if it was not the first assault crime and if the individual has a criminal past or was on probation. The penalties will be much more severe if something similar was found on the record of the offender. The punishment also depends on who exactly was assaulted. For instance, if an ordinary civilian was assaulted, or a law enforcement officer, or a school teacher. Note that the punishment for assaulting a law enforcement officer, a fire department representative, a doctor or a nurse, a lifeguard, a medical technician, a traffic officer or an animal control officer, while they are on active duty is going to lead to even more dire consequences that will have a long-lasting impact on your life.

Nevertheless, even though the assault charges could be potentially detrimental, there is always room for negotiation. Of course, you could try and represent yourself in court, but it is not advisable. After all, you do not know the laws and do not have the proper skills that are necessary to handle the prosecution. Assault charges are way too serious to try and deal with them on your own. You can also try and get help from a public defender. Still, it may not be the very best idea. Even though public defenders are very professional and highly qualified, but they always have their hands full with other cases, so they will be unable to devote all of their time and efforts to your case. Therefore, if you are facing the assault charges and you wish to deal with the situation effectively, we recommend you to contact our experienced criminal attorney at the earliest opportunity. Only a skillful lawyer will be capable of negotiating the sentence with the judge and the prosecutor, and your chances to get a minimal sentence will increase. Furthermore, a good Los Angeles criminal attorney is going to do his best in order for your assault charges to be dropped, which is also a very important aspect if you do not want them to affect your criminal record.

Dmitry Gorin, criminal defense specialist