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June 10, 2016

Bail Hearing And How a Los Angeles Criminal Defense Lawyer Can Help

criminal defense lawyer Los AngelesIf you were charged with a felony, in most cases you are going to be taken to custody and will have to wait for the trial in a special holding facility. However, prior to the trial itself, a bail hearing will take place to determine whether or not the person is eligible for bailout. And if a person is in fact eligible for bail, during the hearing the amount of bail is going to be set.

With that said, during the bail hearing, the judge is going to consider two main factors that will determine whether or not a person will receive bail. The risk of flight and the danger to the society. It is important to understand that the prosecutor is going to do everything in his power to make sure that the bail is set high or that there is no bail at all. This is one of the many reasons why it is crucial to select right Los Angeles criminal defense attorneys, who know how the law works and who will know how to deal with the situation properly. After all, without all the professional skills and expertise you will not be able to handle the matter on your own.

Still, how do the above-mentioned factors affect the hearing? Well, the first one – risk of flight implies that a person may attempt to run after being released on bail. However, a good Los Angeles criminal defense attorney can assure the judge and the prosecution that a person will not run, since he or she has strong bounds to the local community, a dependable job, all family members nearby and that he or she is an active member of society in general. In order for you to better understand how it works let use review a simple example:

Let us say that the judge is hesitant to set bail to James. Nevertheless, the James’ lawyer is offering plenty of evidence that James has no reasons to run. He was living in the state for his entire life. All of his friends and loved ones are there. He has a good job and he is one of the most active members of the community thus far. On the other hand, Jill, who has no loved ones in the state, who was unemployed for quite a while and who rarely left the house, is much more likely to run, so the judge will not want to set bail for her.

Second factor, danger to society, implies that a person may prove to be dangerous for other people after being released on bail. For instance, a person who committed identity theft is less likely to pose any physical threat to others, whereas a person, who has committed a murder, is not eligible for bail for he or she may be very dangerous and could cause further problems.

One way or the other, it is good to have a professional Los Angeles criminal defense lawyer who will help you during the bail hearing with everything he can.

April 2, 2016

How Is The Judge Setting The Amount of Bail In a Criminal Case

If an individual is arrested for committing a crime, there is a chance the judge is going to set a bail amount. A certain sum will need to be paid in order for the individual to be released from custody for the time of the trial. The money will function as collateral in order to make sure that the individual is not going to cause any more trouble, will appear on every single court hearing and will follow all court orders.

With that said, when a judge is thinking about setting bail, he or she is going to take two very important factors into consideration. First of all, if the judge has reasons to believe that the individual still represents any kind of danger for the society, there is going to be no bail. Furthermore, if there are reason to believe that this individual may try to escape from justice, the judge is also not going to agree on setting the bail.

There is a number of ways to prove to the judge and the court in general that the defendant is not planning on escaping or fleeing the country. First of all, an experienced as well as genuinely qualified Los Angeles criminal defense attorney is going to stress the fact that the defendant has a big family. It will be imperative to prove that the family members are not only living in close proximity, but that they are also in great relationship with the defendant. Friends and loved ones could provide testimonies that the lawyer will be able to use in court. Furthermore, if the defendant had a great job with solid income, a job he had for a very long time, it is also necessary to point to the fact that it is less likely for him or her to abandon such a great source of income. Finally, if an individual plays major role in the community and often contributes a lot into the society, it is also a very good argument that may convince the judge to set a bail amount.

Secondly, it is also important to convince the judge and the court that the defendant is not a threat for the society. Now, it also depends on a variety of factors. First of all, if the defendant has committed a fourth or even fifth DUI crime, chances are, he or she will do it again and the judge will not want him or her to be a threat for the community. In addition, if the defendant was charged with murder or some other genuinely serious crime, the amount of bail will be significantly higher or perhaps the judge will not set a bail at all (which is more probable).

One way or the other, regardless of what crime you were charged with, if you wish to be released from custody on bail terms, it is crucial to get in touch with a good legal representative at the earliest opportunity. This is your best chance to succeed, since only an experienced Los Angeles criminal defense lawyer will have what it takes to get you out in line with bail and will help you convince the judge that you have no reasons to try and escape justice and that you are also not a threat to the society. There are many attorneys who are offering their services these days, but you will want to be more thorough in looking for the most qualified one out there. It is a very important issue, since you will want to be released from custody asap.

Los Angeles Criminal Specialists,

March 20, 2016

Defining Bond Hearing

Thanks to the mass media, we all know how it works when you get arrested. If you were arrested and put under custody, there is a chance that the bail amount is going to be set by the court. This pretty much means that you will be released from custody should someone pay the necessary sum of money as a guarantee.

Generally speaking, if the arrested individual was not released from the custody by the time of the arrangement (which is basically the very first court hearing), the possibility to set up a bond hearing arises. Furthermore, the judge will be able to hear a bond hearing at the same time as the arraignment. The goal of this bond hearing is to present the judge with ample evidence, asking him to reduce the amount of bail. Furthermore, if there was no bail set yet, there is a possibility to convince the judge that the person charged could be released after paying the bail.

Now, when it comes to considering whether the person charged can be released by paying bail or not, there are two major arguments that every judge will have to review first. We are now talking about the possibility that the person charged is going to attempt to run and that the person is still representing a threat to the society. If one of those arguments or combination of both of them is true, there is no way the judge will allow the person charged to be released even after paying the bail. In addition, it is important to understand that the bond hearing is not obligatory and it will have to be initiated by a legal representative. In some cases, people are not even in custody by that time. However, you can always benefit from services of a bail bondsman in order to make things easier.

With that said, regardless of whether you are guilty or not, it is never a good idea to try and act on your own. Bond hearing is very important – it basically decides, whether you are going to remain in custody or will be released after paying bail. This is one of the many reasons why it is so important to have a qualified as well as genuinely experience Los Angeles criminal defense lawyer by your side.

A good lawyer will have skills and expertise to initiate the hearing in the first place. During that hearing he will present ample evidence, which clearly demonstrates that you are not a threat to the society and that you will not make an attempt on escaping. Hence, your chances to succeed and to be bailed out are significantly higher. Finally, if the judge will release you on bail, it is also a very good sign, which shows some promise and the very first step to success. However, without the Los Angeles criminal attorney there is little chance that everything is going to go the way you want to.

Los Angeles Criminal Specialists,

October 22, 2015

Here Is What You Need To Understand About Bail Hearing

Thanks to the genuine plethora of Hollywood motion pictures, most people know what bail is. However, not everyone knows how the bail works. In fact, people think that the judge sets the bail right after the arrest, the bail is paid and the arrested individual is released from custody. While in most cases this is very accurate, there are certain times and situations when the judge will not be too eager to let the perpetrator go.

With that said, whether the bail will be set or not depends on several factors. First of all, the judge will consider if the offender may try to escape or to flee from justice. The possibility of flight is always present, especially if the offender has a history and if the crime committed was very serious. For instance, if the offender has a history of ignoring the time and date of court hearing and already has several bench warrants, the bail cannot be set and the offender will remain in custody. A bench warrant is issued in case the person, who was obliged to be present at a court hearing, neglects to appear and implies that the person has to be taken into custody right away.

Furthermore, bench warrants and the possibility of fleeing are not the only factors that may prevent the judge from setting bail. If a judge considers that the offender is way too dangerous for the society, he will refuse to set bail and will order to keep the offender in custody. For instance, if the offender has a criminal history, which clearly indicates that he never learned his lesson, the judge will not set bail. Some people just cannot stop getting behind the wheel while being intoxicated. They already have criminal DUI records and they were repeatedly apprehended by the law enforcement officers, but this does not really stop them from repeating the very same mistakes. If an individual was known for committing a number of crimes repeatedly and it looks like he will not stop, the judge will have no choice and will refuse to set bail.

If you have reasons to believe that the Los Angeles court may refuse to set bail, it is important not to lose time and to get in touch with a qualified as well as genuinely experienced Los Angeles criminal attorney at the earliest opportunity.

A good Los Angeles criminal defense lawyer will be able to help in setting the bail. There are two scenarios, in which the judge will not want to set bail – the flight scenario and the too dangerous to be set free scenario. In both cases the lawyer will have to do his best to convince the judge that you are a decent person, who has absolutely no intention to run or to harm anyone else. The attorney will demonstrate certain evidence – the fact that you have a solid job, that you love your friends and family and would never leave them as well as the fact that you have every intention to right your wrongs. He will also demonstrate various letters from people, who are certain that you will not do anything stupid. In the end, the judge will be forced to comply and will set proper bail. Still, only a qualified Los Angeles criminal defense lawyer will be able to perform the trick, so make sure you hire an actual expert, who has experience with this type of cases and who will not let you down. After all, your entire life may depend on it.

February 9, 2015

Understand The Difference Between Hiring A Criminal Defense Attorney And Bail Bonds

Needless to say, no one is perfect and we all make mistakes. Unfortunately, though, some of our mistakes may hurt other people and for that, we are punished according to law and legislation. However, in most cases, the court hearing may not take place for a pretty long while. It can take months to get to the trial itself. This does not necessarily mean that one has to spend all that time in jail. After all, most accused persons, who were arrested and put into jail, have a legal right to be released until the time of trial in exchange for money or pledge of property.

Of course, bail is an incredibly attractive option that will allow an individual to avoid spending a lot of time in jail. When it comes to the price, the amount of money for the bail is presumably large enough for the arrested person to return to the court for the trial. In addition, the sum of money is also depending on such factors as the seriousness of the committed crime, prior criminal records, financial resources of the accused person as well as the likelihood that the accused individual will want to flee in order to avoid trial. Surely, there are instances, when the judge will deny the right to bail in order to keep the person in jail. With that said, not everyone will be able to pay the necessary amount of money that will allow them to use their bail options. Hence, they turn to the so-called bail bondsman for help. Bail bondsman charges a non-refundable fee that is 10 percent of the overall bail in most cases. In turn, he or she will promise to pay the whole bail if the accused will flee or will not show up for the trial.

Nevertheless, finding a truly trustworthy bail bondsman, who will not try to get the most out of the deal, is a rather difficult task. Hence, trying to hire a good bondsman on your own may not be the greatest idea. If you or your loved ones are in some kind of trouble and risk staying in jail for a large amount of time, you should definitely seek legal consultation from a professional defense attorney. Only an experienced criminal defense attorney Los Angeles expert will be able to get a better deal that will not only save some of your money, but in addition will provide you with much more beneficial terms and conditions. Besides, a good lawyer will make certain that by the time of your trial, you will have a great defense strategy at your disposal.

Therefore, if you are currently considering your options and are trying to learn more about the bail bonds and most beneficial bargains, do not hesitate to consult a skillful Los Angeles criminal defense lawyer at the earliest opportunity. That way, you will save a lot of your time and will know for sure that you will be released from jail until the time of trial.

In the end, if you are not entirely certain how bail works and wish to focus your efforts on getting out of jail, your most valuable option would be to speak to a professional defense attorney. He or she will know what to do and will surely get you the bail you need within the least amount of time possible. You could get in touch with a bail bondsman on your own, but it is very difficult to find a reliable person, especially if your time and budgetary possibilities are limited. Consulting a Los Angeles criminal lawyer is the most effective option to date.