December 28, 2015

Battery Charges – Definition And Legal Penalties

It is a common misconception to think that assault and battery charges are basically the same deal. Assaulting a person means threatening him or her with brute force, while battery means willfully and unlawfully beating an individual using physical strength. Battery charges are very serious and may have a very negative impact on your day to day living. Legal penalties for this crime vary in line with the circumstances. These factors may include who exactly was battering a person, where it all took place, who was injured and how bad are the traumas.

The most basic sentences may include a financial penalty of about $2000, or imprisonment for up to half a year in county jail. Nevertheless, if the crime was more aggravated and a peace officer was involved in the battery, the penalties may include up to $10 000 in fines or several years in jail or state prison. In addition, if the battery offense was committed towards government employees such as firefighters, lifeguards or peace officers, the legal consequences will be more severe.

The type of injuries is also a factor that will have a huge impact on the final sentence. The more extensive and severe injuries are, the harsher are legal consequences. For example, if a person was merely scratched or bruised in the process, the penalties will be milder than if that person receive tissue damaged or broke his bones. Battery charges for extensive injuries may lead up to 4 years in county jail. If a minor was accused of battery or if battery took place on a school ground, this will also affect the sentence in a different way.

Regardless of whether it was a mild battery or if you are accused in aggravated battery, it is very important to get in touch with a qualified as well as genuinely experienced Los Angeles criminal defense attorney at the earliest opportunity. See, even if you will be able to avoid legal penalties, your criminal records may still affect your day to day living. A person with battery charges in his or her criminal records will be unable to find a decent job or housing.

If you wish to reduce the sentence or to get the case dismissed completely, it is crucial to find a criminal defense attorney Los Angeles specialist, who will use all of his knowledge and experience to help you. Battery charges are very serious and you need to understand that only a good Los Angeles criminal lawyer will assist you in avoiding the most severe punishment.