Bench Warrant
December 5, 2015

Failure to appear in Court: Bench Warrant and it’s Consequences

Although everyone makes mistakes, it is imperative to make sure that our mistakes and our actions do not affect lives of others in a negative and detrimental way. Otherwise, if you are accused of some kind of crime, no matter how mild it may be, you will have to answer for your actions in court. Some people think that if a crime is insignificant and no one was hurt in the process, it automatically means that there is nothing serious about the charges and you can easily miss your appearance in court. Well, this is one of those mistakes that may lead to some genuinely serious consequences.

Failure to appear in court (PENAL CODE SECTION 1320-1320.5) is a sort of a crime on its own. If you have to appear in court at a certain day and at a certain time, you better make sure that you get there and do not be late. Of course, there are various life situations and no one can really say what can be waiting for him around the corner. Still, even if you have a serious excuse, you must inform the court and provide them with a good reason why you will be unable to show up at the initial time.

With that said, in case you have failed to appear in court and you did not inform the court about reasons for not appearing, the judge will have every right and reason to issue a bench warrant. A bench warrant gives law enforcement officers the authority to go to your house and take you to court. Furthermore, if you were pulled over for a checkup and there is a bench warrant on your name, law enforcement officers will take you into custody and will escort you to the court. Having a bench warrant in addition to your initial charges may have a very negative effect on your records. After all, it will easily ruin your image as a person in the eyes of the judge and can even lead to aggravated charges.

Of course, in most cases, if you cannot make it and you need to face the court due to misdemeanor charges, you can send a legal representative instead. He will be able to provide the court with all the information on your behalf. Therefore, if you or your loved ones have a scheduled court hearing, it is imperative to arrive there on time and contact an experienced attorney, who will be capable of taking care of all the details for you. A good Los Angeles criminal lawyer will be able to present the court with all the necessary evidence that will help you avoid the charges and will make sure you get minimal sentence.

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