Child Abuse
November 27, 2016

Cases of Child Abuse in Los Angeles, CA

Harming an innocent child that cannot fight back is pretty sickening. Unfortunately, the modern society has to deal with cases of child abuse quite often. Still, it is pretty much impossible to imagine why would you want to hit a child to begin with. After all, even if the child is unwanted, there is always an option of giving him or her for adoption. If you did not want a child, you could benefit from this alternative. One way or the other, it is pretty much impossible to imagine a case when there is a reason to injure a child in the first place.

With that said, yet another child abuse case is currently being investigated by the Los Angeles Police Department. The investigators state that the child was injured in one of the apartment complexes that is located near the 9th street and the Baseline road. It happened around 5:45pm.

The law enforcement authorities state that a “small child” was injured. Due to extensive nature of injuries, the child had to be taken to a hospital. Unfortunately, on the next day the child was still in the hospital and in critical condition.

This case is being investigated by the Los Angeles Police Department’s Crimes Against Children Unit. According to the child’s father, he (meaning the father) was experiencing some kind of medical episodes. During this episode he took the child down with him.

Child Sustained Injuries

One of the Los Angeles Police sergeants, James Wisket assured the public that a doctor is going to examine the child’s condition properly and will help in determining the nature of the sustained injuries. That way, the law enforcement authorities will be able to find out if the child was in fact abused or perhaps it was the accident that caused those traumas to begin with. Sergeant also stated that if the child’s condition will change, so will the nature of the entire investigation. For now, however, it remains an injured person case.

Unfortunately, law enforcement officers are quite used to be dealing with cases of child abuse. Hence, if police are stating that it is a bad one, you should prepare yourself for something genuinely gruesome.

For example, a mother of a three-year old girl entrusted her child to her friend not so long ago. Now both the mother and her friend are in jail and wait for prosecution. They are charged with “egregious acts of child abuse” and, according to the Los Angeles chief of police; it is one of the most disturbing cases that the local law enforcement authorities had to deal with in a while.

The child was found hidden away in a trash bag in a Los Angeles area home. Her feet and her hands were bound using duct tape. Child’s mouth was covered as well. She was all covered with bruises, feces and rash. The girl was nearly naked – she was not wearing anything except for a diaper and a shirt. When the police found her, she could barely walk. Ana Diaz – the child’s mother and her friend, Jose Rios received numerous charges and were taken to jail.

New Discovery By Police Investigators

The police have managed to discover that the child was staying at the friend’s house for days all while Ana was working. Seeing how the mother told the police that she only saw her child maybe once a week, it is apparent that she works a lot. Furthermore, Rios also worked a lot, seeing how she was leaving the child for a very long time alone.

Los Angeles Police Chief stated that the girl was in the hospital and recovering. Apparently, the doctors considered her condition as fair and it is a good sign, seeing how the girl could barely stand up when the police found her. She could barely talk as well and could not answer all of the questions. The investigators are also wondering if the girl does not want to talk because her living conditions frightened her too much.

Law enforcement authorities began their investigation after they received a phone call from a man, who told them about a bound and gagged child in a closet. That man told the police that he met Rios on the net and they agreed to meet for sexual intercourse. Apparently, it was supposed to happened in Rios' house. Once he got there, he noticed a bad odor in the house. So, he decided to investigate and found the child bound and gagged in the closet. Rios allegedly asked the man if he wanted to have sex with the child, so the man decided to leave. However, that fact did not upset him too much, since he later returned and had sex with Rios. According to him, he thought that the child already left.

It appears that Rios has no regrets. He admitted that he bound the girl in order to keep her quiet, while he had sex with other people. He does not admit that he sexually assaulted the girl, but the police found evidence pointing out that fact as well.

The mother, Diaz, is very young – only 21 years old. Apparently, she knew about the abuse, but did nothing about it, since she simply did not care for the child. After all, she was even shaving the girl’s head to make it look like she has cancer and so that other people would donate to her.

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