Domestic Violence
January 29, 2017

Domestic Violence And Unnecessary Arrests

domestic violenceThe official statistical data clearly demonstrates that cases of domestic violence are way too common these days. We are not only talking about the State of California – we are referring to the entire nation. It is the shocking truth, but the very same statistics also proves that one out of three women in the country will be a victim of domestic violence at least once in her lifetime. Furthermore, what is all the more unexpected is the fact that one out of every four men will be victim of domestic violence as well.

Needless to say, though, when it comes to family it is also quite conflicting, even if domestic violence is an issues. After all, people are somewhat divided – on one hand, they wish to share their pain and to tell about how they are suffering, but they do not want their loved ones to get in trouble. On the other hand, they love their abusers way too much and will therefore do absolutely nothing about it. You will be surprised, but more than half of all domestic abuse cases remain unreported. Still, it may be the wrong decision, since if the abuse shall go on for too long, the victim may end up being severely injured or even killed.

The State of California and namely its governmental entities have managed to come up with a new type of legislation, which makes sure that the abusers are going to jail and this is meant to prevent more domestic abuse crimes from taking place in the future. The laws have some good intentions and will allow the law enforcement authorities to take action even if the victims are too afraid to come forward with accusations. Nevertheless, some people are wondering if the law went too far with that.

See, the law enforcement authorities will need to act in several instances. If domestic abuse was happening in public, in case that the victims decided to report the abuse, if their neighbors or perhaps some concerned witnesses decided to report the case to the police. One way or the other, it obviously creates certain miscommunication. This is particularly apparent in case that a neighbor or any third party witness decides to call the police. After all, some arguments are getting heated up and quite loud, but it does not necessarily imply that people are getting violent and resorting to physical intervention.

Hence, once the law enforcement officers arrive at the scene, they are going to get only a snapshot of the argument that took place between the two people. Furthermore, the 1994 law clearly states that in case the law enforcement officers have reasons to believe that a case of domestic violence took place and they have probable cause, they NEED to make the arrest. And under probable cause the police officers will look for the presence of the following:

  • Intimidation
  • Revenge
  • Punishment
  • Control
  • Coercion

Even though this kind of legislation may help some of the victims get justice that they deserve, in a large number of cases the arrests are totally unnecessary. For instance, people, who were throwing dishes around because of their bipolar disorders or people who were throwing their cell phones on the ground in anger could also be arrested for domestic violence. However, even though the police officers may have been mistaken, being charged with domestic violence can really have a detrimental impact on your day to day living.

Hence, in case that you were falsely accused or mistakenly charged with domestic violence, make sure to get in touch with a qualified as well as genuinely experienced Los Angeles domestic violence lawyer as soon as possible.

Dmitry Gorin, ESQ

August 3, 2016

Siri Was “Taught” To Respond To Domestic Violence And Sexual Assault Inquiries

No doubt, Apple’s Siri – the iOS version of artificial intelligence, is offering the users a one of a kind experience. Siri is capable of answering a large number of questions and inquiries, it is designed to provide all the aid in simple as well as effective form, so the users will not have any trouble looking for the things they require on the net. Still, even the most sophisticated artificial intelligence is only as good as its creators design it to be.

With that said, until recently, Siri was unable to provide any kind of response to the confessions of victims or rape or domestic abuse. The Jama Internal Medicine study clearly demonstrated that Siri, along with all the other virtual assistants available on the modern market, does not understand the very notion of rape. Hence, consequently, the Apple company has made a decision to help Siri comprehend the definition of rape and domestic abuse. Alongside RAINN (Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network) Apple made sure that Siri is going to offer a link to the National Sexual Assault Hotline relay whenever a person is ready to share information on rape or domestic abuse.

Siri Is Now Ready To Take Action

When it came down to questions related to sexual assault or user’s confessions that involved domestic abuse and rape, Siri, just like all the other virtual helpers, including Microsoft’s Cortana, Samsung’s S Voice and Google now, were completely lost and could not offer any relevant information. For instance, in case the user would say that he or she is having a heart attack, the applications would provide them with a comprehensive list of nearby hospitals. Yet, if the user was telling Siri that he or she was raped, the app was answering that it could not understand the inquiry and will search the web for answers. Unfortunately, even the web search was very vague and would not provide the user with something useful, aside from the rape victim stories and testimonials.

The specialists from RAINN were fascinated with all the possibilities that Siri was offering. They helped Apple make some crucial tweaks and, most importantly, discussed the issue of softening the language that Siri was using. Hence, in case the user will tell Siri that he or she is a rape victim, Siri will respond with “You may want to reach out to someone” instead of “You should reach out to someone”/ Softened language may provide the tiniest bit of comfort, which is crucial for the rape victims, who are in desperate need for support and there is no need to push them towards something. In addition, such a softened language may even prove to be quite beneficial in helping the rape victims to move on towards getting assistance.

It also turns out that Google Now was already working on making sure their virtual helper could provide adequate answers on rape victims’ confessions and inquiries. This was even before the Jama Internal Medicine study came out. Samsung, on the other hand, also indicated that the company is working on such a study in order to enhance their virtual helper’s ability to deal with the rape victims’ questions.

New Option Made To Save Lives

The study demonstrates that depression, rape, suicide as well as domestic violence are very real problems that are quite widely spread, but not that well recognized. People are often resorting from asking for help, due to the fear of being misunderstood, humiliated or even because they fear retaliation. Therefore, in case the virtual helpers could be of any use to those people, it is very important, crucial even, to make sure that their answers are soft, gentle and yet precise, accurate as well as useful and beneficial.

Of course, it is just as crucial to make sure that the virtual assistant is being constantly updated, making all the necessary changes to how it reacts to various inquiries. It is even more vital, seeing how much the people these days are relying on all sorts of technological advancements. After all, most of us are trying to determine what is wrong with our health online prior to actually visiting a doctor. Same is with rape and domestic abuse – plenty of people, especially younger individuals, will turn to Siri first, because they are confused and just do not know what to do. They will feel a whole lot more comfortable telling Siri about their problem and it makes for a very good first step.

Time Matters In Every Crime And Siri Is Ready To Improve It

Domestic violence crimes are when two people who are in close family relationship, are in an aggressive physical contact. In case people are married, living together or even simply dating and one of them is hurting another, it is also considered a domestic abuse. While rape and murder also can be considered domestic violence crimes, even lesser things, such as slapping or causing one to fall down, are just as applicable for violent domestic abuse crimes.

In most cases, the judges will issue special Domestic Violence Restraining Orders (DVRO). Although you will have an opportunity to respond to all the claims against you, you will need to follow every single aspect of the DVRO until the hearing. A restraining order will have a number of consequences, which include not being able to contact the victim, not being able to go to certain places or do certain things, having to move from your house, not being able to see your children, not being able to carry a weapon (and if you have one, you will need to turn it in or sell it), being deported from the country (if you have the immigration status) and so on.

Seeing how domestic violence charges could lead to prison sentence as well as a larger variety of issues, it is only natural that you will need solid as well as genuinely reputable legal representation. If you wish to get a minimized sentence or would like to prove your innocence, it is imperative to have a qualified lawyer by your side all the time. Call us 24/7 at (855) 858-2755

Dmitry Gorin, Esq.
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August 8, 2015

How Domestic Violence Charges Could Affect Your Dissolution Case

Life is difficult these days – a lot of pressure is being put on both parents and their children alike. Family conflicts are pretty common nowadays and it is rather difficult to avoid them whatsoever. With that said some people ultimately come to a conclusion that it was simply not meant to be and therefore they need to part their ways, without causing any more trouble and without affecting their children. The process of dissolution begins and the court will decide who will get custody rights over the children and how the property is going to be divided. Of course, the process is highly unpleasant and may take quite a while. However, there are certain complications that could affect the dissolution case and make it even more challenging than it already is.

In order to be more accurate, let us imagine the following situation: you, the husband, come home from a long and hard day at work. Your wife is not in the mood and you get into a verbal fight. She tells you that she will win the dissolution case and will have full custody over children, while you will be left with absolutely nothing. Of course, you are angry and you hit the table with your fist. Sure enough, your wife does not hesitate and immediately calls the police. The law enforcement officers arrive. They do not want to hear your part of the story, since your wife is sitting there, crying and demanding to have you arrested. Finally, you are handcuffed and escorted to the station. The information about this accident goes to court and the judge will have it in mind when dealing with your dissolution case, so the odds may not turn to your favor.

Ifyou will be found guilty by the judge or if you will choose to take the “guilty” plea, you will lose any rights of custody and may well lose the possibility to visit your children ever again. No doubt, having your kids taken away from you is absolutely tragic and it is very important not to allow a domestic violence case stand in between you and your children. If that is the case and you find yourself in a situation that is largely very similar to the above-mentioned, it is very important to get in touch with a qualified as well as experienced defense attorney at the earliest opportunity. He will know how to handle your case and how to approach you custodial rights properly.

If you want to demonstrate to the judge that you are actually a good person, who deserves a second chance and never ever resorted to violence in your life, the best way to do so would be to hire a good Los Angeles criminal defense lawyer. Only will he be able to browse through all the available evidence, including police reports, medical reports, witness statements and other invaluable data so as to determine if the other party is being truthful and to prove that you deserve to be taken seriously.

If you are afraid of losing your children and wish to demonstrate to the court that you are innocent and that you would never hurt your wife or your children, do not hesitate to visit an attorney and get your initial free consultation at once. Regardless of whether you are guilty or not, the Los Angeles domestic violence attorney law authority will help you get out of this tricky situation with minimal damages and maximum profit.

June 20, 2015

Main Consequences of Reporting a False Act of Domestic Violence

Acts of domestic violence are quite common in the California state and all over the country. Sometimes, people are unable to resolve their family issues with words and therefore resort to violence and cruelty. Still, some people, who committed these violent acts, are genuinely sorry, they repent and will never do anything like that again. The people, who were violated, are often scared and call the police to protect them. Yet, by the time the law enforcement officers arrive, both parties calm down and decide that they do not want to have any legal trouble in the family. Hence, the victim tells the police officers that there was a simple misunderstanding, that there was in fact no crime and that the report of domestic violence was made under some pressing circumstances.

Sure enough, trying to protect the person you love from getting arrested is truly admirable, but one must also remember about the law and the legal consequences of filing a false report. That is right – in case a person is accused of filing a false domestic violence report, he or she risks spending up to 364 days in jail or paying $5000 in fines.

In California State the law enforcement officers first create an official report on the scene during the arrest. Consequently, this report is being transferred to the prosecution. In case the prosecutor finds out that the alleged victim of the domestic violence filed a false report and is now trying to make it go away, this victim will be prosecuted under the charges of filing a false domestic violence report. At times, even if the victim does not want to press any charges anymore, the prosecutor will insist on carrying on with the legal claim. Hence, the victim will need to testify. Furthermore, any previous statements from the police reports or 911 calls will also be used as testimonials. Trying to reason with the law enforcement representatives and the prosecutors may be quite risky indeed. Even the slightest mistake can lead to pressing charges and one must know what kind of defense to use when communicating with the legal representatives.

In case you are being accused of filing a false domestic violence report, you should use certain defense excuse, such as:

- The situation was a simple misunderstanding and nothing more
- You were genuinely convinced that you were actually telling the truth
- False info that you provided was in fact irrelevant of not important
- Some of the important parts of the story were forgotten in the process
- You were affected by alcohol and therefore unintentionally mislead the law enforcement officers.

In case you are in a kind of circumstance, when you are accused in filing a false domestic violence report and you are facing actual jail time for your actions, it is crucial not to lose time and to get in touch with a defense attorney at the earliest opportunity.
Only will a highly qualified lawyer have the skills and the experience to help you deal with this kind of situation properly. He will be able to find the right defense strategy that would back up your point of view and would allow you to avoid any legal consequences. Therefore, in case one of your loved ones committed a mistake and you do not want him or her to suffer for it, hire a professional domestic violence attorney to help you drop the charges and avoid being prosecuted for filing a false report. Everyone deserves a second chance and a good Los Angeles criminal defense lawyer will make sure that your loved ones have one.