Drug Charges
July 17, 2017

CEO in Los Angeles is Charged With Asking an Alleged Drug Trafficker To Kill One of His Former Business Associates

Love it or hate it, despite its controversial reputation, Homeland Security does know how to do its job and is often unable to prevent terrible crimes from occurring.

Homeland Security agents in New Orleans were listening to the phone calls of an alleged drug dealer from Los Angeles last year. During one of the conversations, the investigators heard something that caught their attention.

First of all, it is necessary to state that the suspect was allegedly dealing methamphetamine and this was the main subject of the investigation. However, during the above-mentioned conversation, he told the person on the phone that he was actually asked to make a “hit”, meaning that he was supposed to kill a person for money.

Needless to say, this triggered a reaction from the investigators, so they began digging deeper and their search led them through New Orleans towards Los Angeles and San Diego. The investigation was a very through one and the Homeland Security agents even went as far as to stage a bloody murder scene with the help of the potential victim.

As a result, in April, David Philips – a CEO of one of the large medical marketing companies – was arrested. He was charged with plotting the death of one of his former business associates.

As it turns out, Philips, who is 36 years old and living in Culver City, got in touch with the drug dealer and told him he would forgive his debt on one condition. As it was a pretty serious debt – $30, 000 – the drug dealer was more than willing to listen. Philips wanted him to murder his former business associate. The name of the drug dealer, who is not cooperating with the investigators, as well as the name of the possible victim are still being withheld for the purpose of the criminal investigation.

Philips was arrested on Sepulveda Boulevard on April 25th. It was then that the drug dealer met Philips and showed him staged photos of the victim. The victim on those staged photos was covered in blood and seriously battered. The drug dealer came straight to the Philips’ office – he was running the NKP Medical Marketing firm. Since that day, Philips was taken to New Orleans and is now waiting for the trial. Philips, on the other hand, decided to plead not guilty.

Initially, the entire investigation was centered on the meth dealer. However, once the investigators from New Orleans heard about a potential hit, they were forced to intervene. Subsequently, an undercover agent got in touch with the alleged meth dealer, posing as a dealer himself. He then offered to connect him to a contract killer. In return, the meth dealer was supposed to sell his meth for a discounted price. Consequently, the two met again April. This time, the meth dealer did not come empty-handed. He had photos of the potential victim, his home address, as well as his phone number, and he presented all of that information to the undercover investigator. The meth dealer was then arrested only a few days later with enough evidence to implicate him. He agreed to cooperate and told the investigators about Philips. He said that he took $30,000 from Philips so as to start a kind of marijuana venture. Unfortunately for him, he failed and could not return the money. Nevertheless, Philips was willing to forgive that debt if the meth dealer would kill a person for him. The would-be victim was actually one of Philips’ previous partners and they ran their business together up until 2014-15. This is when they began to clash and could not settle their differences.

The potential victim was claiming that Philips himself was pretty harsh and often threatened to ‘take care’ of people that he did not like. He also remarked about having friends with automatic weapons. One way or the other, the two had no interaction since September 2016. This is also when the meth dealer was caught for mentioning a hit in one of his phone conversations.

Philips was arrested in his office when the meth dealer arranged a meeting with him and handed him a staged photo. The would-be victim in the photo was covered in bruises and had a gunshot wound to his forehead. There was blood all over the wall behind him. When Philips took the picture, his hands were shaking and he was generally nervous.

There were also several other defendants that were arrested for being involved in the meth distribution plot as well as the possible hit that was supposed to be arranged by the meth dealer.

On the other hand, Philips’ lawyer claims that his client is not guilty and did nothing wrong. He is claiming that the would-be victim is just a former coworker of the client and that he was not all that important to Philips to begin with. Furthermore, the employees at the Philips’ office refused to allow the journalists to enter the premises and claimed that Philips was framed and that the government plotted  against him. However, they did not want to share any additional details on the matter.

The investigation is currently checking all the details and we are going to have more answers soon enough. For now, it appears that Philips hired a meth dealer, who owed him money to kill his former business partner, since they had their differences in the past. All the evidence is pointing out that Philips is guilty, but we are going to let the court decide what really occurred. Hence, if you wish more details, go ahead and wait a bit for a new article for more information on the case.

Dmitry Gorin, ESQ
Law Offices of Dmitry Gorin

May 12, 2015

Drug Charges: There are things that you can do to avoid jail!

Whenever it comes to the drug abuse, possession or distribution, the justice system is quite unforgiving and will do just about anything to punish the criminals accordingly. Sure enough, drugs are absolutely detrimental for the modern society. Sadly, the number of drug addicts is still incredibly high and the law enforcement officers fight this disease with all the means necessary. Of course, drugs should be cleared of the streets of our cities. Still, at times, good people, who have nothing to do with the drug business and simply were unfortunate enough to follow their curiosity, suffer from some truly awful police actions.

Some people even have no idea that they are carrying the drugs, since some criminals planted them in order to frame others. Some individuals simply buy drugs for the first time out of genuine curiosity and most of them are decent people, who never done anything unlawful. One way or another, having anything to do with the drugs is prohibited by law. Still, it does not give the police officers all the rights to do whatever they want, once they establish that a person has drugs on himself or inside his car or house.

There are known situations, when police act quite brutally, grabbing people on the streets, forcing them out of their vehicles or their homes. Yes, the law enforcement officers often act on impulses, but this is not how the system works and it should definitely be prohibited by law. Even the criminals have their very own legal rights and even they should be treated properly. Regardless of the crime that they are suspected in committing, one must still proceed according to the legislation and take the suspect into custody in accordance with the law.

Unfortunately, some police officers do not follow the protocol very well. They are so determined to apprehend the supposed criminal that they do not really care much for the way they will do it. That is one of the main reasons why it is so important to have a qualified legal attorney by your side in case you know that you were arrested unrightfully. Only a professional Los Angeles criminal defense lawyer will be able to dig deeper and find all the evidence of police’ unlawful actions. This will definitely clear your name and drop all the charges. If you are in a situation when the law enforcement officers apprehended you and forced out of your house or your vehicle, claiming that you have some drugs on you and you know that this is not the way things work, do not hesitate to get in touch with a truly skillful legal attorney in order to get all the legal help that you need. After all, we do live in a free country, where every single citizen has his own legal rights. Our constitution is defending these rights and any unlawful actions towards the law-abiding citizens should be punished accordingly. It does not matter if the cop was certain that you are the suspect – all charges should be dropped if there is going to be evidence of the police’ unlawful actions.

If you found yourself in a similar situation, feel free to seek legal advice from the lawyer and only then will you be able to clear your good name. A qualified attorney will have the experience and the expertise to prove that you are actually a good person and that the actions of the law enforcement officers were not rightful, so all drug charges should definitely be dropped immediately. Of course, the market these days is literally filled with all kinds of lawyers, who will always be more than happy to provide you with legal assistance. Still, it is very important to find a truly experienced Los Angeles criminal defense lawyer, who had similar cases and who knows exactly how to defend your interests in the court of law. Such an attorney will not rest until he will find ample evidence that will demonstrate how brutally the police officers acted and how aggressive they were, without any lawful reasons. This should be enough to drop all drug charges and to let you walk.

In case you were wrongfully accused and that your arrest was not entirely legit, the very first thing that you will need to do is to call a lawyer and discuss the next steps that will get you out of these nasty circumstances. If you have a question, feel free to browse through Frequently Asked Questions section to find useful information you need before you contact a lawyer. It is very important to not allow the law enforcement officers get away with such behavior and it is up to you to help yourself by getting in touch with a good Los Angeles criminal attorney.