Inmates And Jails
April 2, 2015

Los Angeles County Jail – What To Expect When You Are Incarcerated

When it comes to family, we are all blind to things that our loved ones may or may not be capable of doing in stressful situations. Unfortunately, we all live in a dog eat dog world, where some people need to do what they have to in order to protect their well being or even their lives. However, no one is perfect and making a mistake is very easy. Sometimes, our loved ones have to pay for their mistakes in the strictest manner imaginable. Sure enough, if one of your family members has done something that goes against the existing law, the justice system will have to punish him for it. In most cases, people, who were found guilty and therefore are considered criminals, are sentenced to spend a significant amount of time in jail. Of course, it is always a big tragedy when your family member is being sent to a distant place that will become his new home for years to come.

With that said, even though most people are quite used to think that there can be absolutely nothing more tragic than being sentenced to jail, in most cases, the time in a correctional facility may not be as torturing as you consider. After all, even though the inmates do not have as many rights as the law-abiding citizens, they are still entitled to certain privileges. For example, even though freedom of speech is not an integral part of an inmate’s day to day living, he still cannot be discriminated in accordance with his race, religion or sexual orientation. No one has rights to torture the inmates or to physically punish them for their wrongdoings. In addition, if an inmate has some kind of medical condition, he is eligible for basic medical care. However, it is important to understand that if the inmate is suffering from some kind of a terminal illness, such as cancer or AIDS, medical personnel will only provide him with everything necessary to keep him comfortable and not to improve his well being. Therefore, if you still consider that jail is hell on earth, review your facts and learn more about modern correctional facilities. Still, there is one thing in common between all the jails in the Los Angeles County. Every inmate’s correspondence is thoroughly reviewed by the jail’s staff in order to avoid any unpleasant situations. Everything that an inmate gets from the outside world is carefully inspected. His every phone call is recorder and every visitation is captured on tape. Why is this so important to know? Well, some people, who believe that they could help their loved ones by reviewing their case along with them, may actually be doing the exact opposite. Everything you say may and will be used against your family member in the court of law. It does not only mean that you will have to choose your words wisely – it also means that it is best to get in touch with a professional Los Angeles criminal defense lawyer to handle all those conversations for you.

If you really wish to help your family member get out of jail, only an experienced Los Angeles criminal defense attorney will know what it takes to approach your case the right way. Sure enough, we are now talking about a qualified criminal lawyer. The very first reason why you should consider hiring an attorney would be the fact that his conversations with the client are not supervised or recorder, so you will be 100% certain that any confidential information as well as all the important details will remain between the lawyer and his client. Only a top Los Angeles criminal defense attorney will be able to walk into jail and demand to speak with the client he is representing. The inmate cannot be denied of this privilege and this is when the lawyer will have the ability to talk with your family member about the actual defense strategy. Of course, today’s market is literally filled with all kinds of attorneys, who will always be more than happy to provide you with their services. However, it is utmost important to find a genuinely experienced lawyer, who will not let you or your loved ones down. Only a qualified attorney will have the expertise and abilities to reduce jail sentence or even to get your family member out of jail within the very least amount of time possible.

In the end, if you wish to do something about your family member’s jail sentence, we simply cannot help but recommend you to definitely find a professional lawyer, with years of experience and numerous successful cases in his portfolio. Only then will you be certain that your loved one will receive the best treatment and will have a genuine possibility to get out much faster than the verdict stated. Go ahead, browse the internet and look for such a credible Los Angeles criminal attorney at once!

March 23, 2015

Basic Information You Need To Know About Inmates And Jails In Los Angeles County

It is impossible to avoid making any mistakes during your lifetime. Still, some mistakes have much more dire consequences than the others. A lot of people are unfortunate enough to get in jail for some of the mistakes that they committed. Indeed, a lot of Los Angeles crimes derive from the mistakes we make. Still, even if you or your loved ones were sentenced to jail in Los Angeles County, you should still know that every inmate has his own constitutional rights that are protected by law. Why is it so important to know those rights? Well, to begin with, in order to avoid any cruel treatment or unfair punishments that could well be applied by the staff of the correctional facility.

So what are the rights of the inmates and how exactly should they be enforced in Los Angeles County? Of course, all the inmates do not have all the usual rights of the usual citizens. However, every inmate has his right for a certain standard of living, freedom of religion, right to administrative appeals as well as a free access to the parole services. The law also protects the inmates from unequal treatment as well as discrimination based on religion, age, sex, creed or national origins. The inmates have a limited freedom of speech and are free to express some of their opinions. An inmate’s rights can also depend on the kind of sentence he or she received. Generally speaking, no prisoner or inmate can be sexually harassed, disabled inmates have the right for appropriate accommodations and all inmates are entitled to proper health and mental treatment. Even inmates with terminal illnesses such as AIDS or cancer will receive the minimal treatment that is necessary to keep them comfortable.

Inmates certainly lose their right for the privacy. Warrant-less searches in Los Angeles jails are a standard thing and come with no surprise. Any incoming mail can be read by the prison officials, any outgoing communications are screened for the security purposes. If, however, you think that your rights or the rights of your loved ones, who are doing their time in jail, are being neglected, it is necessary to get in touch with a truly qualified criminal attorney. Only an experienced lawyer will be able to help you prove that the mistreatment actually took place and will demand compensation. Surely, there is much more to it than that. The process can be quite long and frustrating, but it will be much more difficult without a professional attorney by your side. In fact, a lot of inmates are mistreated by the jail officials, on account of their nationality or racial origins. Some inmates are cruelly punished for their misdeeds and those punishments can be considered completely unfair. Hence, it is only possible for a dedicated Los Angeles criminal defense lawyer to know all about different criminal offences and how to defend clients the right way. And will do his very best to protect your legal rights that are protected by the constitution.

If you or perhaps some of your loved ones were mistreated by the jail officials and you require qualified assistance, do not hesitate to contact an experienced Los Angeles criminal defense attorney at the earliest opportunity. Only this way will you be able to ensure that such mistreatment will not take place in the future. Furthermore, do not attempt to deal with the issue on your own, since any information that you will give without a lawyer, may and will be used against you. On the other hand, any communication between you and your attorney cannot be screened by the authorities, so you can be sure that everything you will say is going to remain between you and your lawyer. If you have any questions or wish to do something about your sentence, it is important to consult an experienced Los Angeles criminal lawyer prior to actually talking to the officials. Only an attorney will be able to guide you and will help you decide exactly how to proceed next. Go ahead, feel free to demand the presence of your attorney and only then consider your actions. Do not let the system disregard your rights and make sure that you get proper treatment. Let the lawyer handle all the legal things on his own.