February 13, 2016

Key Factors That May Lead To Juvenile Criminal Cases

With the deep understanding of the country’s juvenile justice system, Los Angeles criminal defense attorney specialists attempt to explain what may lead to a juvenile criminal case and why parents should be aware of these factors.

For any parent, it will be difficult to accept the fact that their child is facing a criminal case under the juvenile law of the state. The fact could be bitter and disheartening, but forgetting everything, one needs to contact a defense attorney as early as possible. Los Angeles based criminal specialists stresses upon the need of an experienced lawyer to handle a juvenile criminal case and points out possible factors that may lead to a juvenile crime. The objective is to educate parents and seek their proactive approach to refrain their child from getting involved in such crime.

According to the attorney of the firm, juvenile crimes are taken differently by the court from crimes committed by adults. The punishment could not be as severe as in the case of an adult criminal, but it may cause a huge impact on mind of a juvenile. This is a reason why parents need to act swiftly when they discover that their child is alleged for a crime. However, the best thing for parents is to create a congenial environment for the child at home, so that he or she can never be encouraged to commit something that is against the law.

The Los Angeles criminal lawyer from criminal specialists law firm maintains that a juvenile court judge often considers a child’s background as a key factor for his/her involvement in a crime. This is a reason why parents and their relationships with their children are crucial in child’s upbringing and turn them in a law abiding citizen. A child’s behavior in school and his/her relationships with others in society are also considered while judging a juvenile for the committed offense. Los Angeles criminal defense lawyer specialists of the firm also reveal that some judges insist upon a psychological treatment of a child to ensure that the child committed the crime is in mentally stable condition.

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December 13, 2015

Main Factors Involved In Any Juvenile Criminal Case

It is always difficult to realize that one of your family members is charged with some kind of crime. However, it is even more difficult and heartbreaking to realize that it was you child, who broke the law and now needs to face the court. Indeed, most people think that their children would never do anything wrong, but let us face it – no one is perfect and when it comes to the children, there is a genuine plethora of factors that could lead to such heartbreaking results.

However, even if your son or daughter was accused of committing some type of crime, it does not mean that he or she is going to be judged like a genuine adult criminal. On the contrary – the juvenile justice system is different from adult one. It is crucial for our youth to realize that there are different paths in life and that anyone could change for the better.

The juvenile court judge is going to take many factors and your child’s background into consideration. First of all, he will want to know about your son or daughter’s behavior at school – how are they interacting with their teachers and classmates, what kind of grades they receive. If the grades are satisfactory and yet the child committed a crime, it may imply that he or she was simply bored and that he or she needs something more challenging in order to get out of the criminal system forever. Furthermore, the judge will want to know about the company of friends your son or daughter spending time with. What kind of people are his friends, and what kind of social activities they are all involved in. In many cases, the so-called “friends” have a very negative influence on the child, so our Los Angeles criminal lawyer recommends to keep him or her away from friends as such.

The relationship with parents at the child’s home is also a very important piece of information for the judge. He will want to know if the child feels safe with his parents and what is going on inside the house, when no one is looking. Some parents have alcohol or drug related problems. Their addiction may also have a genuinely detrimental impact on the child and his way of life. Furthermore, some parents abuse their children, not only hurting them physically, but also destroying their fragile minds. If that is the case, the judge might separate the child from his or her parents in order to make things better. In addition, the judge will want to know about any kind of extracurricular activities that the child is involved in. If your son or daughter is actively involved in playing sports, engages in additional activities and has certain hobbies, chances are, he or she will be less eager to commit a crime or to misbehave the next time.

Some judges also insist that the child should see a psychiatrist. The mental healthcare expert is going to determine if the child demonstrates abnormal behavioral patterns or is psychologically unstable. Dealing with those issues at an early age is much easier, so there is a chance that the child will recover quickly. In order for the judge to consider all of the above-mentioned factors to come up with a fair sentence, you will need to get in touch with a qualified Los Angeles criminal defense attorney. That way, there is a good chance that the child is going to be released and will not have to deal with all the legal consequences.

May 24, 2015

Reducing Juvenile Life Sentence – A Step To The Right Direction?

When it comes to the juvenile individuals, emotions often take over and these teenagers are capable of performing terrible things – things that they may well regret in the future. A number of juvenile inmates get a life sentence for the crimes that they committed. In most cases, we are talking about murder. The court gives a promise to the victim’s loved ones that the criminal will never leave prison. While this may be a necessary measure, should our society be so harsh to the young minds? With that said, juvenile brain functions in a very different way when compared to the brain of an adult individual. It is true that teenagers mostly act in line with their emotions, without thinking, based on their first impulses. Sure, it is no excuse for committing murder, but not giving a second chance to a person, who may be very sorry for what he or she have done, is also not as fair as it may seem in the beginning.

It does not mean that the courts will need to let those criminals get away with murder. Yet, a more suitable as well as more balanced system needs to be developed for this kind of cases. California Governor Jerry Brown took the first step towards taking control over the situation. He recently signed a new law that is referred to as the SB9. This legislation states that a juvenile criminal, who was sentenced to life in prison, will have the right to petition a judge to reconsider his sentence. Sure enough, there are certain conditions here. First of all, the inmate, who committed a severe crime, will need to serve 15 years in jail before getting this right. In case the judge will find that the inmate is really demonstrating sincere remorse and signs of rehabilitation, he may change the sentence to 25 to life.

Of course, this law is quite contradictory one. On one hand, this way, people, who truly regret committing their crimes and are actually ready to get back into society, will get a chance to start a new life. Not all the juvenile criminals are monsters. In fact, some people may well be victims of the justice system. It does not mean that every single one of them deserves this chance, but some juvenile criminals should have this solution in order to be reintegrated properly into the society. On the other hand, it is not very difficult to imagine all the feelings and emotions of the victim’s loved ones, who were given a promise that the killer will remain behind bars forever. These people will be shocked with such a decision. Nevertheless, this option may very well be the best one to date.

The Governor took the very first step to improving the justice system and he began with a very acute issue that raises many questions and controversy. Needless to say, the SB9 law will not be received well by everyone, but it may well be a necessary measure that will help a lot of people and their families. Sure enough, if one of your family members is now eligible to benefit from the SB9 law, it is very important to hire a professional attorney, who will be able to make things right and will ensure that the judge will get the full comprehensive picture. Indeed, only a truly qualified as well as experienced Los Angeles criminal defense lawyer will be able to deal with such cases and only then will your loved one have an actual chance to leave the prison at a certain point of his life. If you hope that the SB9 law will allow you to finally reunite with your loved ones, do not hesitate to get in touch with a professional attorney and he will definitely be more than happy to provide you with all the legal advice possible. Take this chance and who knows – maybe your family member really deserves to return to a normal life once again!

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