Plea Bargain
January 3, 2015

What Are The Risks of Taking a Plea Bargain Without Consulting an Attorney?

Even though the justice system is meant to serve and protect us, it often makes mistakes and condemns the wrong people. Indeed, at times, the prosecution is too rushed and the defendants are frightened or confused. People who are scared will be ready to do just about anything in order to stop this madness and avoid spending time in jail.

In the matter of fact, some individuals are more than eager to take any plea bargain the prosecution will offer them, without even thinking about the consequences it may have. After all, sometimes, the defendants are truly innocent and are wrongfully convicted for the crimes that they did not commit. As an illustration, just try to imagine the following situation. You went to a huge outdoors party along with your friends and loved ones. The event is absolutely incredible, with tons of people, DJs, great music and plenty of entertainment. Needless to say, the bar is filled with all sorts of alcoholic drinks and your friends are more than happy to use this opportunity to relax. On the other hand, you yourself are not the drinking type of guy, so you grab a nonalcoholic beer and join your pals. You dance and jump, just like any other visitors. Nevertheless, in a couple of minutes, a police officer approaches you and claims that you are intoxicated. He thinks that your behavior can be considered suspicious and does not even want to listen to your contradictions. He throws away the bottle of nonalcoholic beer and arrests you on the spot.

Of course, in a situation like this, most people will freak out and panic, not knowing what to do next. You will be taken to the courtroom, where the prosecutor, who wishes to boost case closure, will offer you a plea bargain. He will tell you that you only need to admit being intoxicated at the party and you will be able to walk away with a tiny fine. Otherwise, he threatens to make everything possible in order to put you in jail. Without thinking straight, you take the plea bargain and are more than happy to pay the fine. It seems that everyone is happy. However, if you hire an experienced law firm in Los Angeles, you would know that your rights are being violated in the courtroom. The case could be rushed and the prosecution had absolutely no evidence that could prove your intoxication. In addition, very few people are getting thrown to jail for drinking. Hence, you were 100% innocent and you paid your fine for nothing. Therefore, if you wind up in a situation like the one described above, do not hesitate to hire a professional lawyer at the earliest opportunity. That way you will ensure a fair trial and will be able to defend your civil rights in front of any judge or prosecutor. Why waste your time, efforts and money because of the crimes that you did not commit? An experienced Los Angeles criminal defense attorney will do his very best in order to get you out of this unpleasant situation and will help you avoid any unpleasant consequences. It is very important to understand that a plea bargain is not always a beneficial thing, especially if you are innocent and are forced to admit your crimes.

In the end, a good Los Angeles criminal lawyer at your side is always a very powerful ally, so do not neglect hiring one, as he or she will help you deal with any kind of circumstances. Do not take the plea bargain before consulting an experienced criminal defense professional.