January 23, 2016

Various Types Of Theft Crimes And How To Deal With Them

Thanks to the efforts of mass media and Hollywood motion pictures, most people have a very broad understanding of the theft notion. Most of us do not realize, however, that theft is not as simple as stealing something. There are many categories of theft charges – some of them are misdemeanors while others are considered felonies, which have a significant impact on the sentence in general.

For instance, some people are charged for theft if they took other individuals’ personal belongings or perhaps because they refuse to return some of the entrusted belonging to other people. There is also a notion of identity theft, meaning that a person is using other person’s ID or credit cards for his own purposes. Such people often misrepresent themselves to the authorities, which is also a serious crime that may add to the sentence in general.

In addition, embezzlement is also a form of thievery. Embezzlement (CA PENAL CODE SECTION 503-515) is when a person is using another person’s trust in order to get material possessions from him or her. Also, it is considered a thievery when a company or a person is getting paid to complete some kind of work or to buy something and never accomplishes the task. There are many additional types of thievery in the Penal Code and if you or your loved ones were charged with any of them, it is absolutely crucial not to lose any time and get in touch with a qualified as well as genuinely experienced legal representative at the earliest opportunity.

There are many nuances when it comes to a theft crime and only a good Los Angeles criminal defense attorney will know how to deal with the judge and the prosecution. Note that theft crimes that are deemed as felonies may be punishable by jail time or even prison time, which is a horrifying option for anyone.

Therefore, do not try to defend yourself in court – lack of knowledge about theft crime cases will not do you any good. Of course, you could try working with a public attorney, since most of them are genuinely professional. However, public defenders have their hands full most of the time and will not be able to devote needed attention to your case.

If you wish to minimize the sentence or perhaps even get the theft case dismissed to begin with, do not hesitate to use all available resources to hire a good criminal lawyer Los Angeles expert, who will use his knowledge of the laws to your benefit. It is important to have an experienced specialist by your side – that way you will know that you will get all the necessary legal advice and assistance.

Follow the advice of criminal specialists to reduce your charges and avoid jail. Contact us for your free initial case review today!